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Digital adoption doesn’t need to be complicated

Connect Series

BNZ’s Head of Technology, Tim Wixon and Kiwi entrepreneur Robett Hollis, discuss the opportunities and potential barriers to digital adoption for small business in this BNZ Connect Series.  

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Make a start somewhere, don’t overcomplicate it 

There is a real opportunity for small business owners to use digital tools to track measures that enable them to quickly understand the state of their business performance. With many different apps readily available for a range of functions, Tim Wixon recommends small business owners just choose somewhere to make a start. Pick an app and take advantage of a free trial to see what value it provides in your business. However, don’t overcomplicate it by tracking too much data or too many performance metrics.

Talk to someone ahead of you on the digital capability curve 

When it comes to digital adoption, there can be a real sense of fear. Overcoming this barrier is essential to realising the opportunities and value of digital tools in your business. If you are uncomfortable about using digital tools in your business, Tim Wixon recommends talking to someone who is further along in their digital adoption journey than you. It could be another business owner, a peer, a trusted advisor, or your banker.

A good user experience matters  

If digital tools are to be successfully adopted in a small business, it must have a better user experience than the existing pen and paper method.  If business owners or employees need to ask questions or frequently consult an instruction manual, this will be a barrier to adoption. Digital tools must be intuitive and create a good user experience to provide value for small business owners.